Hello World!

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I love photography and I love people!
Now this blogging thing is a foreign concept for me…I tend to hold to the idea that writing is a laborious process. And writing for self disclosure….. for people to read about….me?? why?
But here I am, trying my hardest to not hold out for perfection, to not hold out for the clever quip, the perfect tongue-in cheek phrase, no.
I want to express what I love. What I love is photography, and people. I love to photograph people. To be able to give somebody an image or an experience of themselves that can make their heart smile. Perhaps a way of seeing themselves they hadn’t experienced before, or the experience of feeling like the most important person in the world for a day.
In the past, I have mostly focused on creating photographic art that expresses the magic of the feminine expression. While I still love that, I find myself now wanting to seek out and show that spark which is magical, unique and sacred, in each and every individual.
Here I go!


Hello world!

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